Saturday, September 24, 2011

Good intentions....

I had a conversation this week with a sweet little old lady. When the infamous question "where are you from" was asked, I answered with good intentions because she was just so cute and sweet. However, the conversation didn't exactly end that way....

Sweet little old lady (SLOL): "so where are you from?"
Me: "oh I grew up in Marietta".....and very proud of myself at this point for not lying to this SLOL
SLOL: "ohhh really, it almost sounds like you have a swedish accent"
She just stares at me after she says that, waiting for me to say something...
Me: " mom is from Sweden" I swear, it just spilled out of my mouth
SLOL: "Oh, that makes sense. You know, since babies learn how to talk from their mothers"

Do I at least get credit for answering the first question honestly?!?

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